Starter Kits

Refillable E-Cig starter kits are being offered by many brands now.  These starter kit options will be vastly different from each other.  Some will be rechargeable, some will be e-cigs that are filled by liquid or oils while others may just be refill cartridge based.

E-cigarette starter kits that come with a pcc which is rechargeable tend to be the best long term e-cigarette option.  You can refill the cigarette while charging a spare battery for the e-cig in the pcc unit as well as store your extra cartridges.

Most of the pcc units for electronic cigarette starter kits are about the size of a pack of cigarettes.  The kits range in price based on the unit being rechargeable as well as the pcc itself.  Many of the units out on the market today do one or both.  Finding one that is both refillable and rechargeable and one that has a pcc rechargeable option would be the best scenario.

The Refillable E-cig is the new black

The newest trend may surprise you.  The refillable e-cig is taking the public by storm and actually improving the lives of this trends participants.  People everywhere are switching to refillable e-cigs to either kick the nicotine habit or improve their overall health.

Refillable e-cigs offer the smoker many choices in flavor cartridges.  From cherry, vanilla, and passion fruit to menthol, coffee, and tree bark.  With the refillable ecig units you can even mix your flavored nicotine solutions to create your own ecig flavor.  The options are really limitless!

The health benefits are the topper when it comes to the electronic cigarette game.  Things like no harmful 2nd hand smoke, absence of disgusting carcinogens, and no nasty tobacco odor. Everyone around you will enjoy the fact that you don’t smell like an ashtray any longer.  The e-cigarette is basically a revolution for overall public health.

Walk into a bar, restaurant, shopping mall… its all good.  Ecigs are becoming widely accepted everywhere as the right healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

New Refillable E-Cigs

Everywhere I look these days I see people puffing on their refillable e-cig units.  Big and bulky compared to other e-cig devices but delivers a strong & think nicotine vapor puff… more than other e-cig units.

Bars, restaurants, airports… I’ve been seeing the refillable e-cig devices everywhere.  No one seems to mind when they are indoors or in a car full of people.  The e-cigarettes are not harming anyone and the new electronic cigarette technology is better than ever.  Atomizers, cases, different flavor cartridges.  The list goes on and people are hooked on these e-cigs.

Is it a good thing?  I don’t know and we’ll have to wait and see but for now, the refillable e-cig is the new fad in smoking.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes also called personal vaporizers are nicotine inhalation devices that don’t work by igniting tobacco leaves. Instead, nicotine is added to propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, mixed with flavors including anything from tobacco simulations to fruits and more and the resulting juice is heated by running electricity through a coil of low-resistance wire. E-cigs consist of several parts. There are batteries and things that connect to the batteries and hold the e-liquid.

Electronic Cigarettes are a great way to avoid the harmful smoke from regular cigarettes and still get the nicotine you need.